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Two unexpected gifts

Waking up in Crater Lake National Park with the sun beaming through my window was quite a different scene from yesterday’s big fat snowflakes. What a gorgeous day!

I couldn’t wait to see the lake again to see how it had changed with the difference in lighting. When I had my first glance, I realized what a gift yesterday had been. I had seen the lake in winter and today I was seeing it in spring. Two days…two seasons.

I still can’t believe the hues of blue
Wizard Island
Can you see the hole in top of the crater?
Looks like diamonds sparkling on the water

Unfortunately, today was my last day in the park and I chose to exit through the North Entrance so that I could complete the West Rim Drive. As often happens, the north is colder and more frozen. It certainly was the case in this park. But, again, beauty abounds in nature in many forms.

June 14th and this is the depth of the snow on the West Rim

As the exit to the park grew closer and I was feeling sad about leaving, I almost missed my second gift.

I wheeled in to see what was there.

I had the opportunity to see where David would come out of the woods in Crater Lake NP!

I knew that he would walk right behind Mazama Cabins and then snake around the Lodge and up along the West Rim as the map above shows. What I didn’t know is that he would come out right by the road.

This is where he will come out of the woods
Maybe this Log is where he will stop to eat lunch
And, maybe he will see this strange tree

I couldn’t stand it. I just had to hike a little on this trail just to see what he might see. It is going to be a beautiful journey.

David will walk 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada and 33 of the most beautiful miles will be right through this park.

I exited the park toward Diamond Lake and stopped for one last snow covered shot of Mt. Bailey. What a great place for a picnic.

The last stretch of road along Oregon’s Scenic Byway followed a stream for many miles. With the window down, the lull of the water, the wind in my hair and the smell of fresh clean air, I couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect ending to my journey with two very unexpected gifts included.


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