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Educator Materials for Northbounders

Welcome educators, parents, homeschool moms and dads, and entrepreneurs! The materials available on this page are here to support you when using Northbounders as a literary source for your student(s). The book is rife with opportunities to learn about history, geography, geology, map reading, math, vocabulary, and more. Here, you will find a fun pre-test with answer sheet, a fact sheet about the trail, words commonly used by hikers, research topics for students to complete, and critical thinking questions to prompt student discovery. All files linked below are in the Microsoft Word DOCX format and are free for use under a CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license attributable to Dr. Karen Lord Rutter. There are more materials to come, so check back often for new learning strategies and information.

The Appalachian Trail offers opportunities for traditional academic learning and for introspective thought and reasoning. If you have a specific request for a resource, let's work together to create it. You can contact me at

Happy Trails as you explore the A.T. with your student(s)!


Files for Download:

Appalachian Trail Facts Pre-Test and Answer Key
Glossary of Jargon used on the Appalachian Trail
Critical Thinking and Research Questions
Lesson: Facts about the Appalachian Trail
Chapter-by-chapter Reading Comprehension Guide
Northbounders Extended Study
Virginia Mangum's Lesson Ideas for Northbounders, part 1
Virginia Mangum's Lesson Ideas for Northbounders, part 2
Novel Study Choice Board

External Resources

Check out these websites for more information about the Appalachian Trail, the people who hike it, and the places along it:

Appalachian Trail Conservancy
The A.T. Guide's Guide to A.T. Tourism
AMC Guide to the A.T. in New Hampshire
AMC Appalachian Trail FAQ
Wikipedia - Appalachian Trail (very thorough resource)
Appalachian Trials Interactive AT Map
Karen Rutter's Story on Trail Dames Podcast
David's Story on The 2180 Podcast