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Fall Bucket List Report #1

I’ve been working on my fall bucket list and it sure has been fun trying to succeed with a limited time budget. This past weekend I managed to have a fall getaway with a few girlfriends and we found the best little cabin nestled in the mountains with a stream flowing right through the property.

To top it off, there was a fire pit nestled by the stream where we spent over two hours laughing and reminiscing and catching up on each others lives.

The air was crisp and clean and the leaves were turning gold and red and brown.

Golden Leaves Trees

It was the perfect spot! Our friendship began in childhood, so you can imagine the stories told and the memories relived. We even managed to fit in a game of scrabble among all that storytelling. Can you find the word that shouldn’t have been allowed in play? OOPS!

Scrabble Board

Another bucket list item was to pick apples straight from the tree in an orchard. I didn’t get to pick them straight from the tree, but I did get to buy a bushel fresh from Penland’s Apple House in Ellijay, Georgia. Penland’s is a family business that has spanned the generations since 1936. Check them out: http://penlandsapples.squarespace.com. The folks there will even spin a tale or two if you ask!

Splurging on my favorite fall treat is an annual tradition. A caramel apple! YUM! It only took a few minutes to consume that fall calorie laden delicacy!  #noregrets!

Caramel Apple

Fall Festivals abound in the north Georgia mountains and I managed to explore two: the Sorghum Festival in Blairsville and the Apple Festival in Ellijay. At the Sorghum Festival, you can find folks lined up for a bottle of that fresh drawn sorghum syrup and a chance to pour it on a biscuit.

Sorghum Syrup Jar

They even have a biscuit eatin’ contest. Now, THAT is a sight to behold! If you’ve never seen Sorghum cane growing in the field, it sort of looks like corn. To make the sorghum syrup, the cane is pressed and the juice is extracted. The juice is boiled down to create a rich, amber-colored syrup. Folks who love sorghum syrup are quick to let you know that it is different from syrup made from sugar cane which yields molasses, not sorghum syrup. They are both very rich in flavor and beloved by generations of families here in the South who were raised on the sweet confections.

It was sad to say so long to good friends and the perfect mountain getaway. But, we’ll look forward to the next getaway in the perfect spot, with the perfect cabin in the woods where three longtime friends can laugh until the sorghum syrup runs dry.

Where would you go for a perfect fall getaway with friends? I’d love to hear your ideas.


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