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I’ve laughed a lot today and laughing is good for the soul.

This year, I decided to have a little fun when choosing a gift for my husband. He enjoys a clean house and has always done more than his fair share in keeping it that way. In honor of his devotion to cleanliness, I decided to get him a Roomba.

I really thought he’d take one look at his gift, let out a hearty laugh and return it to the store for a refund. After about two weeks, I noticed that the little robot was still in the box.  When I asked if he would like for me to return it,  he answered, “No, thanks”.  A few more weeks passed and the little robot remained in exactly the same location it had been two weeks earlier.

Tonight as we’re eating dinner, he casually remarks, “My girl is gonna be coming through any minute.”

Unaware that company was coming, I inquired, “When?”

“Oh, it’ll be a few minutes.”

Knowing that he lovingly refers to many of our elderly female neighbors as his “girls”, I asked the obvious question.

“Which girl is coming?”


“Who is Flo?”

“You know, the girl that cleans my floor.”




Meet Flo. He’s officially in love with his new girl.




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