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Finding Fall

It was refreshing to wake up this weekend to temps in the 60s rather than the stifling heat that has been lingering for months now. I love pool days and beach time as much as anyone, but I gotta say… I am more than ready for a reprieve from the dog days of summer.  I’m looking forward to this:

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Autumn is my favorite season.  Each year, I eagerly await the crisp air, hoodies, leaf changes, hiking, and the aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin spice wafting from almost every store and restaurant in America. My other favorite part of fall is that it is football season!!

A few weekends ago, I went road tripping to Knoxville, TN to watch the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Volunteers at Neyland Stadium. It was a gorgeous day and SEC football put me in the spirit of fall.  On the four hour ride home from Knoxville, I started thinking about how to make this fall the best yet. Check out my fall bucket list and let me know what I am missing.

  1. Girls Weekend Getaway: I love my family, but this fall I just want a few days with my girlfriends taking in all that our gorgeous state has to offer. I am already researching cabins …preferably deep in the mountains… ideally on a body of water.
  2. Four Fall Festivals: I love supporting local makers and artisans whenever possible. This time of year, there are festivals GALORE in the southeast and I am hoping to take in at least four this season.
  3. Apple Picking: I know it’s cliché, but nothing tastes better than an apple straight off the tree at the height of the season. Well, maybe smothering it in caramel is just as good!
  4. Meditate Daily: It’s no surprise that this season fills me with a certain appreciation for our planet and its blessings. I plan to carve out time each day, even just 5 minutes, to sit in the great outdoors for reflection and introspection.
  5. Go On A Hike With My Son: I am so thankful that he still lives locally and that he lets me drag him along every so often for mother/son time. We have both been eager to go hiking in the mountains and there is no better time than at the height of the leaf peeping season.
  6. Bake a Pie For a Friend: I love the smell of butternut squash and pumpkin pies baking in the oven. In my perfect world, I could eat as many as I want each fall and never gain a pound. Unfortunately, my waistline is saying share with a friend.
  7. Find My Farmer’s Market Faves: Ya’ll. Can we talk about cold season veggies? Broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, turnips, collards and beans. I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Also, be sure to use the hashtag #HEREStotheFARMER in your social media which allows a meal to be donated to a hungry family through Feeding America.
  8. Take the Perfect Fall Photo: Reds, yellows, orange, and all shades and tints in between are nature’s lure for creating a perfect photo. I’ve learned some new photography techniques and I’m eager to check them out.
  9. Thrift the Perfect Fall Sweater: Do I even need to explain? #SweaterWeather #thriftstores
  10. Make a Thanksgiving Meal Possible for a Family In Need (and try to convince you to do the same): Let’s ignore the commercials trying to convince us that Thanksgiving is for shopping. Think back to the story you heard in elementary school where people from different backgrounds came together with one goal: making sure there was plenty of food for all. Odds are, there is someone in your community wondering if a Thanksgiving meal will be possible this year. If you are able, invite them to your home for dinner, serve in a soup kitchen, contribute to a canned food drive, or sponsor a family’s whole meal. Let’s all take a cue from the year 1621 and try to make sure EVERYONE has something on their plate this year.

Stay tuned for updates as I whittle down the list. Feel free to drop a comment to let me know if there is something I should add. While you’re at it, tell me: what’s on your bucket list this fall?



4 Replies to “Finding Fall”

  1. quintopia says:

    I want an overnight hiking trip. And maybe a haunted house. A visit to the movies. A game night.

  2. karenlordrutter says:

    I hope your fall wishes come true. An overnight hiking trip sounds splendid!

  3. Sushi says:

    I’d love another month of October so I can do all these fun things while keeping up with everything else.

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