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The Perfect Mug

I spent 8 years looking for the perfect mug. There. I said it. And, I’m not ashamed.

Have you ever thought about the mugs you hold in your hand and how they feel? I could never find one that felt just right and made me happy to hold it.

Some have handles that are tight against my fingers.


There are giant mugs that hurt my hand when I fill them with a hot beverage.

There are skinny mugs that don’t let my hand wrap around to feel the warmth.

Then there is the lip of the mug. There are fat lipped mugs that make me feel as though I’m at the dentist with cotton on my lip.

There are mugs that have such thin lips that my lips don’t seal on it.


There are short squatty mugs…

…and tall towering mugs.

This mug thing is frustrating!

Well, after 8 years of searching stores, pottery vendors, and even an attempt to make my own mug, I am happy to share that I found the perfect mug. It is earthy. It has a place to rest my thumb. It has a base big enough to wrap my hand around to feel the warmth. It has an indentation if I want to hold the mug without using the handle. The lip of the mug is JUST RIGHT. The handle of the mug allows my fingers just enough room to be comfortable and grip the mug. It is perfect! And guess where I found it?

At Goodwill! I was rifling through books and preparing to leave when I passed it, there on the end cap of the aisle, all alone with… it can’t be! That’s right, the perfect mug, the perfect fall color, and miraculously, my name scrawled across the side of the perfect mug! Karma, I love you!

I think I’ll take my mug and go walking through a brand new day!

Have a favorite mug or coffee cup? Share a picture with us.


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